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UNICOM-OPTICS Customer Service
The post-sales service is related to the development of the company. Entitled good service is a shortcut to upgrade the brand popularity. As the increased demand of services, build the brand loyalty of the consumer and prompt a good name; the good service is badly needed.
UNICOM-OPTICS always insists on “consumer demand—oriented”, and places the good service first.

Putting much value on content of the post-sales service
The post-sales service is not only contains the maintenance service, but also contains customers’ opinions, complaints, take goods back, exchange commodities, maintenance service, and data management, etc. UNICOM-OPTICS has built the management system on these respects, and also has its commissioner to take responsibility.

1. Customers’ opinions and complaints
UNICOM-OPTICS offers consulting service, and accepts feedbacks or complaints by hotlines. Receptionist put this information on record, then fills the dedicated form and send to the relevant department to deal with it. UNICOM-OPTICS prescribed that emergency cases should be reported to the leadership on time, and reply the every call, mail and visit with customers’ satisfaction.

2. Take goods back & exchange commodities
The storage, transportation department, finance department, and production department supported UNICOM-OPTICS set the workflow of taking goods back & exchanging commodities. Find out the reason and ascertain where the responsibility lies.

3. Maintenance service
UNICOM-OPTICS sets guarantee period according with laws and customs. The post-sales service contained free service, paid service and service on the contract. The receptionist will record the details of the customers’ problem, and then send it to the service department to solve.

4. Data management
UNICOM-OPTICS sets up a complete and utility reparation reference system to improve the ability of support information. The maintainers have an obligation to keep secret of the relevant technical data.

Any complaints about the quality of our goods will be quickly dealt with.
1. UNICOM-OPTICS has the systems and experts to manage the quality. They would also do many precautions and improve the faculties of the staff and professional qualification to avoid the problem. Good quality above everything and customer first.

2. To customer’ complaints, accept and feedback by sales department, and then analyze the causes by qualification management department. The salesman feedbacks the salvation to the consumer after receive the rectification sheet from the qualification management department.

3. To record the details about complaints of every customer, which contained with contents, processing, results and the satisfactions. Then do better next time.

4. To find out the responsibility department and the relevant person.

Feedback the demands information of the market
1. Keep in touch with the customer through questionnaire periodically. To invite the customer to visit our workshop or attended the conference, and get the valuable information from them.
2. Get competitive intelligence from Internet to get first-hand information, and produce the commodities that
appropriate the market.

Satisfaction of quality
1. Send the satisfaction questionnaires to consumers for seeing whether the consumer was satisfied with quality.
2. Analysis of qualitative data every month, according to the customers’ feedback and the condition of exchanging goods. We would find out the quality standard of the every customer, and apply the better service.
3. Strengthen inner quality control, and taking precautionary measures.

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