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GF-3000 Blood Cell Analyzer
Product Description

GF-3000 Blood Cell Analyzer

Adopting mature, reliable, and advanced technologies, GF-3000 23 trisection fully auto hematology analyzer has created fully automatic blood analysis system with full func-tion , easy operation and accurate result, and  its excellent performance must take obvious benefit to users.

Reliable and advanced technology

1. Double-swirling and intelligent fitting technology, making count reliable.

2. Unstopping technology of high-voltage ignition and liquid recoiling of real-time monitoring, effective to prevent stopping the hole.

3. Combine time and volume double-quantitative technology, making detecting results accurate.

4. Automatic floating terminus, support to artificial adjustment, make the result more accurate and reliable.

5. Precise blood treatment technology, little sample dosage, three testing modes of anticoagulation whole-blood, anticoagulation distal blood, pre-dilution distal blood, accurate 20 parameters and three histograms.

Safe and operated protection-environmen-tal design:

1. Automatic cleaning of inner and out walls of sample needle, avoid operator touch.

2. Adopting hemolytic agent without cyanide, safety and environmental protection.

Complete and practical functions:

1. Big-screen display and multiple information.

2. English windows operating system, color graphically display, quick input doctor and patient information in English in a single machine, including patient names, section office, inspectors, etc.

3. Human-base interface, real-time help and operation guide.

4. fan-door design in structure, easy to protect and maintain instrument.

5. Built-in or outside printer is available, 8 choices of different English report.

6. Large-volume storage of English report sheet including histogram of 12000 pieces in a single machine.

Perfect calibration scheme of quality control:

1. Automatically conduct statistics, calculate x(_), SD, CV% and make L-J quality-control Chart.

2. Three measuring modes have their own independent artificial and automatic calibration, making different measuring results accurate.

Main technical parameters:

Working principle: count by resistance method, SFT method without cyanide.

Testing parameter: trisection of WBC, 23 parameters (including color histogram of WBC, RBC, PLT)

Sample dosage: anticoagulation whole blood of 9.6ul, anticoagulation distal blood 9.6ul, pre-dilution distal blood of 20ul.

Working mode: Counting channel testing plus independent hemoglobin testing system, continuous turning-on of 24 hours, automatic dormancy and waking function.

Micro-hole aperture: WBC:100um  RBC/PLT: 80um

Storage of result: automatic storage of results 12000 pieces including 3 histograms.

Rate of crossed contamination: WBC,RBC,HGB<0.5%,PLT<1%


Precision value

linear range
















Display screen: big-screen color liquid crystal display, 640×480 resolution.

lnterface: 1 parallel printing interface,2 USB interface, 2PS/2 interface, 2 RS 232 interface (support networking).

Print report: build-in high effective thermal sensitive printer, 8 choices of English report format. Optical to multiple printers.

Working environment: temperature 10-30, humidity 10-90, available in altiplano.

Power : AC220V 50HZ

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