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D500 Biochemistry Analyzer
Product Description
D500 Semiautomatic Biochemistry Analzyer
1. Steady and reliable LED cold light source instead of Tungsten Halogen, lifetime is up to hundreds of thousand hours.
2. Unique graphic processing patent technology, assure excellent stability and reliability of the instrument.
3. High standard international universal power supply, making the instrument work all over the world.
4. Full-open program system, all kinds of reagents are available.
General introduction
Adopting international advanced LED cold light source part, using unique graphic processing technology and proprietary intellectual property rights computer software, the instrument has advantages of low consumption, long lifetime, steady and reliable characters. It is the first LED semi auto biochemistry analyzer in China, belonging to national patent product.
(1) Adopt LED luminescence component with simple structure.Without brittle devices, such as bulb and filter, so there are scarcely any cost of usage and maintenance.
(2) Low consumption, low temperature, few malfunction, long lifetime and steady and reliable characters.
(3)Control and manage data through build-in micro-processor.
(4) High automated level, with many automated functions, such as: auto wavelength transform, auto print, auto display, ect.
(5) Open programming, reagent free-choice.
(6) Testing method: end point,two-point, kinetics, multipoint scaling, immune turbidity, absorbance, sample blank, single and double wavelength.
(7) Dynamic realtime curve display, monitoring reagent invalidation, concentration overtop, over linearity in time.
(8) Auto storing QC within 31 days, display and print QC chart and statistics data.
(9) New type storage mode, permanently protect data from suddenly power off.
(10)High-capacity store sample test results 、QC data and QC chart.
(11)Print item report and comprehensive sample report, store item list and every item program parameter.
Main specifications:
1. Light source: LED-Cold Light Source
2. Wavelength range: 340-850nm
3. Absorbance range: -0.3~3.5ABS
4. Absorbance resolution: 0.001ABS(display) 0.0001ABS(inside)
5. Stability: ≤0.005Abs/20min
6. Cross contamination: ≤0.5%
7. Flowing colorimetric cell: 10mm 32ul
8. Temperature control: 25℃, 30℃, 37℃, room temperature
9. Once injection: 100~2000ul
10. Display: 240×128 lattice LCD
11. Printer: Build-in thermal sensitive printer, the width of print paper is 110mm
12. Interface: Standard RS232 interface
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