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D200 Biochemistry Analyzer
Product Description
D200 Semiautomatic Biochemistry Analyzer

LCD in English, person-to-machine dialogue operation
Grating as dispersive element
Open system design, free choice for reagent


Light source: Halogen-tungsten lamp (12 V/30W)
Wavelength range (nm): 330---800nm (continuous adjustment)
Spectrum band: ≤6nm
Absorbency range: -0.3Abs---3.0Abs
Temperature control: Room temperature or 25℃ 30℃ or 37℃
Sample volume: 100ul--2000ul
Testing method:
a) Linear end point
b) Non-linear end point (standard curve)
c) Two-points (time fixing)
d) Kinetics
e) Single and double wavelength
f) Absorbency
g) Blank sample
Fixedly Store 67 items, up to 200 item parameters
Display: 240 × 128 LCD
Printer: Built-in thermal printer; paper width: 110mm
Cuvette: Flowing, 32ul, 10mm
Standard RS-232 interface
Power supply: 220V±15%, 50Hz ±2%

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